Add players and alliances to your favorites for quick access! Just click on the star icon on the page of the desired player or alliance
Anniversary of GREPOLIFE - 5 years with you!

We hope you enjoy using our statistics over the years. To celebrate the anniversary, we have prepared a big update:

1. Mobile-Friendly interfase
Finally. We did it. Now you can comfortably use our stats from your mobile device! Try it right now!

2. Favorites
Now you can add players and alliances to your favorites list, just click on the star icon on the page of the desired player or alliance

3. World map
The map now displays the number of the ocean.
The created map can now be shared, it will be available via the link and stored for a week.

In the process of updating the layout, a lot of changes have been made, so in case of errors or bugs, please let us know via email info@grepolife.com


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In honor of the 10th anniversary of the GREPOLIS project, we are pleased to present you an update of our service - GREPOLIFE Tool.
This is a small user script (~5KB) that adds to the game interface the access buttons to players and alliances statistics.


Buttons lead to the corresponding GrepoLife stats pages of the alliance or player.

Tool Installation
Step Opera Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox
1 Install Tampermonkey extension Install Tampermonkey extension Install Greasemonkey extension
2 Install script - http://grepolife.com/tool/grepolife.user.js
3 Refresh Grepolis game window

GREPOLIFE is an unofficial 3rd party site. Grepolis is the intellectual property of InnoGames GmbH
Contact us via e-mail: info@grepolife.com