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Hello, Grepolis Community!
In honor of the 10th anniversary of the GREPOLIS project, we are pleased to present you an update of our service - GrepoLife Tool.
This is a small user script (~5KB) that adds to the game interface the access buttons to players and alliances statistics.


Buttons lead to the corresponding GrepoLife stats pages of the alliance or player.

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Update v3.8 (17.09.2019)

World Summary
A small block with general information has been added to the worlds pages - the number of active players, today's conquests and fight points

 GREPOLIFE Tool Bugfix
We have fixed a bug with incorrect work of the tool in the worlds with a 100+ number (en,de,fr). You can update the script by clicking here or on the tool page


Apollonia (closed)
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Last 25 world conquests
DateCityPointsOld ownerNew owner
03.03.2021, 11:00 [town]25331[/town] 31415926 Ghost city
28.02.2021, 04:59 [town]5674[/town] 11864 Dingo1
We will see
Lord levoboček
Vlčí aliance
28.02.2021, 04:17 [town]24231[/town] 2694 Ghost city jiri II.
28.02.2021, 03:38 [town]881[/town] 12748 Voda7 Maratar1
Ars Martialis
28.02.2021, 03:34 [town]884[/town] 17335 Voda7 Maratar1
Ars Martialis
28.02.2021, 03:34 [town]22342[/town] 9599 Voda7 Don Salieri
Ars Martialis
28.02.2021, 03:28 [town]20154[/town] 12139 pikovak
Tři mušketýři
28.02.2021, 02:56 [town]8240[/town] 9985 Dingo1
We will see
Imperium Romanum
28.02.2021, 02:32 [town]889[/town] 11238 Voda7 Maratar1
Ars Martialis
28.02.2021, 02:31 [town]21222[/town] 2768 Jana Horáková Jarda6302
Tři mušketýři
28.02.2021, 02:29 [town]7191[/town] 14037 Ghost city Ali 394.DMP
Rytíři Černé Vlajky
28.02.2021, 02:28 [town]16983[/town] 9211 Ghost city xitanaf
28.02.2021, 02:20 [town]3794[/town] 10487 ExitusLamus krolcze
Ars Martialis
28.02.2021, 01:10 [town]24879[/town] 5455 božan54 Madrax
28.02.2021, 01:04 [town]4560[/town] 13174 Ghost city rommat123
Tajemný řád Fénixe AK
27.02.2021, 23:14 [town]24489[/town] 2183 Ghost city RESKATOR dzofrey
Imperium Romanum
27.02.2021, 22:57 [town]21223[/town] 6558 Ghost city argon7138
27.02.2021, 21:47 [town]14081[/town] 7105 Ghost city Krupier
Dragon Ball
27.02.2021, 20:56 [town]19260[/town] 2254 Ghost city packova
Ztracená legie
27.02.2021, 17:09 [town]25331[/town] 31415927 Ghost city
27.02.2021, 16:34 [town]25986[/town] 3084 moon98
Grece po Moravsku
27.02.2021, 15:41 [town]24492[/town] 2738 guestd81b1112d1e779b8bc9
Tři mušketýři
Kotvy 2
27.02.2021, 15:41 [town]25402[/town] 6812 Hivka Alexander58
Jen abych se nenudil
27.02.2021, 13:28 [town]23498[/town] 4852 WillyColben
Vlčí aliance
Tři mušketýři
27.02.2021, 12:52 [town]1716[/town] 9701 ExitusLamus Č.e.n.d.a
Ars Martialis
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