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Hello, Grepolis Community!
In honor of the 10th anniversary of the GREPOLIS project, we are pleased to present you an update of our service - GrepoLife Tool.
This is a small user script (~5KB) that adds to the game interface the access buttons to players and alliances statistics.


Buttons lead to the corresponding GrepoLife stats pages of the alliance or player.

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Update v3.8 (17.09.2019)

World Summary
A small block with general information has been added to the worlds pages - the number of active players, today's conquests and fight points

 GREPOLIFE Tool Bugfix
We have fixed a bug with incorrect work of the tool in the worlds with a 100+ number (en,de,fr). You can update the script by clicking here or on the tool page


World summary
Active players: 687, inactive within 2-7 days: 248
Fight points today: Attack 9 871, Defence: 2 830
Conquers today:
Best fighters of day
+2206  Big Fish
+1932  Fight Club
+505  7 Seas Alliance
+504  Silence
+471  Warlords Inc.
+399  The League of Islands
+397  Les Miserables
+262  The OtherS
+247  CoctimusPrime
+619  Fight Club
+314  The OtherS
+263  7 Seas Alliance
+142  Silence
+103  Big Fish
+85  Les Miserables
+40  The League of Islands
+29  Trading Post
+2  CoctimusPrime
+573 pichicuas0  Big Fish
+510 MystkRuler  Big Fish
+502 athanas1  RADIOACTIVE
+375 Gettokin1  Fight Club
+214 golta  Silence
+208 riotdog  Fight Club
+191 Jiggerhole  Fight Club
+178 jbro1985  Big Fish
+175 gatorparrothead  Fight Club
+170 Voodoo Overlord  Fight Club
+158 Mjolnir22  RADIOACTIVE
+142 Janier  Fight Club
+138 Rupert  Warlords Inc.
+134 Vixen24  Big Fish
+132 lmfao74  Big Fish
+27 pichicuas0  Big Fish
+1 EKTORIOS  7 Seas Alliance
+0 Bradetich  Glass Animals
+0 aprann  RADIOACTIVE
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Last 25 world conquests
DateCityPointsOld ownerNew owner
16.01.2021, 13:41 [town]577[/town] 2493 hokie1995 jbro1985
Big Fish
15.01.2021, 19:00 [town]733[/town] 1792 Jacobo
Fight Club
15.01.2021, 18:03 [town]1773[/town] 1140 Aevieta lmfao74
Big Fish
15.01.2021, 14:03 [town]298[/town] 1128 Wings EKTORIOS
7 Seas Alliance
13.01.2021, 21:58 [town]335[/town] 1950 Scrapps jbro1985
Big Fish
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