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Hello, Grepolis Community!
In honor of the 10th anniversary of the GREPOLIS project, we are pleased to present you an update of our service - GrepoLife Tool.
This is a small user script (~5KB) that adds to the game interface the access buttons to players and alliances statistics.


Buttons lead to the corresponding GrepoLife stats pages of the alliance or player.

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Update v3.8 (17.09.2019)

World Summary
A small block with general information has been added to the worlds pages - the number of active players, today's conquests and fight points

 GREPOLIFE Tool Bugfix
We have fixed a bug with incorrect work of the tool in the worlds with a 100+ number (en,de,fr). You can update the script by clicking here or on the tool page


World summary
Active players: 1 388, inactive within 2-7 days: 529
Fight points today: Attack soon!, Defence: soon!
Conquers today: 29
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Last 25 world conquests
DateCityPointsOld ownerNew owner
18.10.2019, 18:07 [town]778[/town] 3686 Ghost city arunjoy
Poor Little Rich Boys
18.10.2019, 16:50 [town]452[/town] 2013 RAZOR GARY HI droggen
Poor Little Rich Girls
18.10.2019, 14:35 [town]172[/town] 1414 Ghost city ramkopis
Rich and Spoiled
18.10.2019, 13:57 [town]412[/town] 3732 HighJack HI droggen
Poor Little Rich Girls
18.10.2019, 13:52 [town]2320[/town] 2421 wpaulrjr Boblash
18.10.2019, 13:45 [town]227[/town] 1292 Ghost city Tont
Light Knights
18.10.2019, 13:41 [town]1773[/town] 552 Ettore.7 mikeg05
Magister Mortalis
18.10.2019, 13:10 [town]947[/town] 2092 Estas
Lost Souls
Pearl of the West
18.10.2019, 12:47 [town]2086[/town] 2512 Ghost city Dopurty
18.10.2019, 11:45 [town]1651[/town] 1243 StevenofTaern alexlion0515
Holy Roman Empire
18.10.2019, 11:27 [town]644[/town] 2637 Lord Ragnar
Me Myself and I
Fake News
18.10.2019, 10:44 [town]1057[/town] 4123 ithiki BadMutzzy
Magister Mortalis
18.10.2019, 10:28 [town]3779[/town] 1572 Ghost city Bmore Caligula
Ill Tempered Sea Bass
18.10.2019, 08:34 [town]1659[/town] 223 SOJAR alexlion0515
Holy Roman Empire
18.10.2019, 08:32 [town]1815[/town] 197 guestd3e986e5d1e4c6098f7 MrSnead
18.10.2019, 08:30 [town]170[/town] 2224 foogaloowhoOP
Fiasco United
18.10.2019, 07:27 [town]592[/town] 3089 Ghost city mlp0808
Light Knights II
18.10.2019, 06:24 [town]95[/town] 1760 Kal Gordon Ephiphany
Poor Little Rich Girls
18.10.2019, 06:22 [town]4021[/town] 1131 Ghost city gjsavard
18.10.2019, 04:26 [town]686[/town] 2674 KaKa Dean
Rogue State
18.10.2019, 03:38 [town]1259[/town] 3362 Ghost city chazmataz
Fake News
18.10.2019, 03:17 [town]1534[/town] 639 ChrisLens Dusterdog
Light Knights II
18.10.2019, 02:56 [town]693[/town] 3464 Ghost city Temujin1227
Poor Little Rich Boys
18.10.2019, 02:43 [town]654[/town] 2369 steven city Bl4ckR4ider
18.10.2019, 02:37 [town]365[/town] 2451 adius JungleBear
Poor Little Rich Girls
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