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Hello, Grepolis Community!
In honor of the 10th anniversary of the GREPOLIS project, we are pleased to present you an update of our service - GrepoLife Tool.
This is a small user script (~5KB) that adds to the game interface the access buttons to players and alliances statistics.


Buttons lead to the corresponding GrepoLife stats pages of the alliance or player.

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Update v3.8 (17.09.2019)

World Summary
A small block with general information has been added to the worlds pages - the number of active players, today's conquests and fight points

 GREPOLIFE Tool Bugfix
We have fixed a bug with incorrect work of the tool in the worlds with a 100+ number (en,de,fr). You can update the script by clicking here or on the tool page


Emporion (geschlossen)
Player was deleted. Here's stats on moment of delete
Andere welten statsHermonassa (03.07.2020)  Mochlos (10.07.2018)  Rhamnous (06.09.2018)  Abdera (20.06.2017)  Bhrytos (15.03.2019)  Carphi (03.10.2017)  Dimale (04.09.2017)  Golgi (18.01.2018)  Helike (03.02.2018)  Imbros (01.03.2020)  Kasmenai (25.06.2018)  Lato (26.06.2018)  Mesembria (15.08.2018)  Nagidos (16.09.2018)  Olous (12.11.2018)  Pagasa (23.11.2019)  Selymbria (28.01.2019)  Tegea (22.03.2019)  Amisos (26.06.2019)  Byblos (03.08.2019)  Carystos (20.03.2020)  Istros (11.02.2020)  Kastoria (03.07.2020)  Leontini (11.06.2020)  Onchesmos (03.07.2020) 
Max ranks 1361 1276 1184 899
13.11.2017, 06:57 Emborion04.1 5888 sora72  Zeus Zorn
13.11.2017, 06:51 Emborion04.2 2786 sora72  Zeus Zorn
13.11.2017, 02:31 Emborion02 7215 Der fahle Reiter  Die Kelten sind weg
11.11.2017, 23:14 Emborion01 9083 tankumsee  Zeus Zorn
03.11.2017, 08:05 Emborion03 6337 König Hausmann  The Old Kings
20.10.2017, 04:37 Emborion01 4244 DeglingoGus  Unknown
12.10.2017, 18:23 Emborion 5986 indirs  Gummibärenbande
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